We know how to respect our elders.

With more than 100 years of brand recognition and a broad, loyal consumer base, the Bulla Cream range needed a delicate touch to update its shelf presence. Gently, we parlayed the colour themes of the existing packaging into a stronger and simpler three-stripe design to simplify variant identification. And of course we maintained the traditional strawberries and cream imagery, modernizing it just a touch—because we sure know how to respect strawberries and cream.

Pure indulgence is the unambiguous theme of these Bulla Cup Cream designs. To elicit the elegance of these premium dollop-on creams—and to flaunt their position at the deluxe end of the epicurean spectrum—we chose a sophisticated, pearly background complemented by gold-toned lids and a scripted typeface. We included panels of distinctive colour to indicate each variant, then, to be perfectly self-evident, we printed contemporary photographs of gourmet serving suggestions directly on the cups. Why hold back now?

There's no room for modesty in marketing. So no one around our studio blushed in 2010 when our design pushed the Bulla Thick & Fruity yogurt range into the best new product award finals from the Australian Marketing Institute.

The launch of this product range was a huge success. We think we know why.

Our design concept wrapped transparent containers in vibrantly coloured shrink sleeves, instantly distinguishing the Thick & Fruity sub-brand in this competitive category. Besides lending visual distinction, the technique allowed designers to overlay luscious fruit imagery over vivid, eye-catching hues that radiate flavour, quality, and originality.

Smart design knows when less is more.

Our clever solution for the Bulla Gourmet Yoghurt packaging lets the goods speak for themselves.Taking maximum advantage of the products' own textural appeal, we deliver a transparent treatment that shows off layers of gourmet yogurt, gorgeous fruit, and toasty crumbles in a raised overlid. Adding high-end photography of fresh fruits and colour-block panels helps ensure easy identification of variants across the range.

How do you leave well-enough just that much better?

You commission Stone Design.

In evolving the packaging for the Bulla Cottage Cheese range, we kept one eye trained on confirmed customer loyalty, the other on current consumer trends. The result is a harmonious fusion of the traditional and the contemporary—just like the product itself. Preserving the containers' clean white background reinforces the products' health benefits; adding photographs of appetizing snacks suggest progressive serving ideas. Subdued yet dynamic colour flourishes denote flavour variants, modernize the look, and deliver shelf appeal.


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