With all our decades of industry experience, the Stone Design team knows how to party like professionals. That's why Kraft came to us to develop the 80th anniversary label for its renowned Vegemite spread. Naturally, the concept had to integrate heritage creative elements whilst also communicating excitement around the landmark occasion. Thus, expanding on its signature tones, we arced a dignified red-ribbon birthday banner across the top and a radiant golden sunburst around the back. The result is a high-impact design that retains its iconic dignity amidst its own milestone celebration. And that's how the grown-ups play.

Under the great blue Australian skies, some very creative people were thinking big. How to convey the sunny, outdoor-loving lifestyle of the land in a package solution for Kraft salad dressings?

First, designers thought, leverage the company's existing corporate light blue to recall the open-sky feel. Next, use a hand-drawn typographic script to reflect Australians' friendly, casual style. Lastly, unify the range with crisp photography and a loose-ribbon effect.

And they did. And they were glad.

Look at that spectacle, all that consistent corporate colour—as blue as the skies above! And that mayonnaise! Why, the brand mark looks as if it's been squeezed out of the very bottle itself! What about that loose-ribbon treatment? And hand-drawn typography just hovering over photographs of raw—raw!—vegetables.

In Africa, the elephant symbolizes many good things: dignity, strength, happiness. In Belgium, where chocolate can represent those things, no brand is preferred to the long-established Kraft Cote d'Or. That's one reason our deluxe gift-box suite pays such homage to the cocoa-bean-carrying elephant. Layering stately images of the regal beast on a richly textured background, the design includes graceful typography that recalls both the confection's deep heritage and the company's historic founding in 1883.

What's an old continental favourite doing in a place like Australia? Looking good on shelf, for one thing.

Using the Kraft Jacobs Ebony pack as a starting point, we leave the required gold band and brand mark in place, vary the coffee-cup images from photographic to illustrative, and design a complement of jewel-toned packages to please the eye. This solution honors the coffees' established identity—Johan Jacobs opened his first specialty cafe in Germany in 1895. It also leaves room for any future additions to fit in, you know, down under.

When you're talking established global coffee brands, you're talking sacred grounds.

Our job here, while treading lightly on Kraft Maxwell House corporate guidelines, was to help Australian consumers distinguish between the powdered-instant and granulated-instant coffee variants sold in our market. We responded with a sumptuous hill of beans and a steaming cup of comfort. We topped it off with a pleasing new jar shape and distinctive red lid, giving the product a bully pulpit on this most competitive of shelves.


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