An Interview with the new "It" girl of the FMCG freezer section

When I arrived she was dressed in her signature black, sipping on a coffee, exuding her usual relaxed, easygoing manner. She flashed her mega watt smile as I sat down to commence our interview. 

She said, "I'm ready". 


Interviewer:  What do you want people to know about you?

C9: My flavour and texture combinations are really delicious and different. And I have probiotics which is a bonus when you're talking about enjoying a dessert.

Interviewer: What do people get out of you?

C9: Many things, including escapism, moments of enjoyment and discovery. I look very different from your average frozen yoghurt dessert. And of course, I'm always fashionable in black with a hint of silver. I'm also perfect to take as a dessert to a dinner party.

Interviewer: Why will people believe you?

C9: My pedigree isn't obvious, but if you look close enough it's right there.  I can assure you
I come from the best ingredients  - always fresh.

Interviewer: How would you sum yourself up to your audience?

C9: Well, I'm smart, interesting, exciting, yet real and wholesome. I'm someone you like to be seen out with or take over to a friends house. I stand out in a crowd, but I'm not ostentatious. I have a classic side to me, which is a bit unexpected.  I guess you could say I'm a complex character with a lot of depth and mystery.

Ice, Ice Baby

What better way to showcase an icy popsicle than displaying them in ice-or in this case,
a block of ice. Even the branding is carved from ice.

The previous solid blue background has been replaced by a cool, deep sea blue. Ice chips embellish the pack, giving the feeling that you are looking into a big block of ice. Pretty refreshing on a hot summers day.

Go Green!

Handee Ultra has gone green ( and now we love it even more!). Our mission, (and we chose
to accept it) was whatever you do, make it work without altering the existing brand panel.
The options to create a pack that communicates “green” are endless-so many possibilities.
Our solution was simple, one key device that’s easily recognisable by everyone - a green leaf.
Too obvious? Maybe.... but that was the point.

The leaf tucks in nicely behind the Handee Eco brand panel and provides strong and effective shelf blocking. It does this with a clear sense of belonging with the rest of the Handee Ultra family, while boldly flagging that it's the newest edition to the range.

Moving on

It was hard to say goodbye to the old packaging. But, like the 50 something who clings to their heyday, it was time to move on. In the true spirit of evolving we leveraged off of what was successful. This design was all about communicating assets…fresh milk, and lot’s of it and the
fresh fruit ice shell. Aimed at families and kids (including the adult kind), we went bolder this time. Strong colour coding on each pack for maximum shelf stand out and easy category shopping.
The pouring milk creates an instant visual story of the real ingredients in every ice cream.

Let’s face it, most of us probably don’t stop often enough to acknowledge how lucky we are. When we were approached to partner up with the Port Phillip Community Group to lend them a hand for “Anti-Poverty” week, it was just the reminder we needed. Developing a brand logo to showcase the Misfortune cookies was the very least we could do. We are happy to be a part of their ongoing endeavor to give poverty a run for its money.

Check it out at

Bulla Thickened Cream
Sanitarium Peanut Butter

To help the Sanitarium range of peanut butters stand out on the shelf, we put the peanut to work. For the brand's Original spreads, a playful peanut poses in signature form against eye-catching hues. For the more health-conscious consumer, the No Added Sugar or Salt range features the peanut character in a less conspicuous posture, pursuing his wellness goals against a calming hemp-fabric background. Finally, on that same backdrop yet in a more sophisticated mood, our peanut reveals its true and essential nature: pure, healthy, and natural. When your primary ingredient has this much character, why not let it speak for itself?








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