Well, it's designed to be in your face. That's what "kattitude" is all about.

Independent and cheeky, cats demand recognition. And their companions are happy to provide it. That's why the unique, bold green colour of the KiteKat pet food range packaging stands out so prominently. Cat lovers find the iconic tuxedo kitty hero endearing and engaging—an instant emotional connection that echoes among variant flavours in the tin as well as in the box.

Dogs are people, too.

The target market for the flavoured Dog Plus vitamin-enriched pet drinks don't need to be reminded of this. So we package these beverages in conventional bottles that mimic the energy drinks favored by the pooch-loving, active-lifestyle set.

In this innovative niche, doggie hydration begs to be take seriously. Stone Design obeys. Aimed at sporty types whose dogs are intimate and active members of the family, the Aqua Dog enriched pet beverage comes in a richly-blue bottle with a pleased pooch on the label.


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