It's, ahem, experience before beauty, so we'll go first.

A combination of age-old botanical wisdom and modern technological innovation is the message behind our designs for the Uspa range of hair and skin care products. The subtle effect of the "U" brand mark conveys the elder Mother Nature attending to her human progeny. This distinctive yet flexible device manifests uniquely across each product group, in one instance forming itself naturally in the growth lines of a tree trunk. Each grouping contrasts pure, natural tones from our own Australian environment with lean, scientific typography; label-style colour panels suggests the idea of science and the healing powers of herbs and plants. As for beauty: behold!

Retro is always in fashion.

To attract attention from market newcomers—and to honor loyalists of the 100 year-old brand—Stone Design mixed in a modish flair to its retro re-design of the Laxettes product. Designers topped packs with a heritage red background and nostalgic brand mark in a sweeping marquee over variants identified by colour.

Objective: Adapt Oxy skin care range for Australian markets. Attract male shoppers.

Solution: Appeal to masculine sensibility with black-and-silver pigments. Indicate variants with primary colours.

Result: Succeed in crowded pharmacy and supermarket environments.


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