Good design builds relationships—between product and consumer, consumer and brand, brand and bottom line.

Megan Stone has built a career on growing such relationships. Since opening Stone & Partners Design in 1996, she has maintained two of the largest clients in the FMCG packaging industry.
Her hands-on style and open-minded philosophy have also attracted senior designers to her agency: together, Megan and her team offer more than 70 years of expertise in delivering results that keep customers coming back.

An established veteran of advertising and design, Megan has created solutions for some of the most prominent names in the Australian food and beverage industry, including Carlton Special Beverages, Kraft, Uncle Ben’s, Heinz, Bulla, and SCA Hygiene. She has also supported such high-profile clients as ANZ bank, Sussan, and Telstra.

Our job is to bring ideas to life, to add personality to the bland, to revive the weary, to make the complex simple, to build on the established, and establish the new.

And we like to do this with a sense of fun and imagination, which we take very seriously.


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